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How we add value to our services:


Defining by Defeating

Being Innovative is like running a race. The moment you begin to plateau, is the moment that it's all over. We are defining new standards in the housekeeping industry by running our race with the intention of doing better, every year. 


Efficiency through Equipment

Efficiency is simple in 2021. We lighten the work load on our staff by investing in battery powered technology. This allows us to focus more on the smaller details that matter.


Elevation through Experience

A reliable housekeeper is about much more than just being a good cleaner. It's about building a relationship by doing more than what you promise. It's about building empathy by providing our clients with products they appreciate.

Prevention through Policy

The majority of housekeepers have no sterilization process for their equipment, after each contract. You can only imagine the extent of cross contamination that occurs on a daily basis......  At Home Team, we provide our next client with a picture of our sterilization process, before heading to their residence. 


Safety through Selection

Running a Housekeeping business is all about safety through Selection. We vet each applicant by running:

  • Extensive Background Checks

  • Previous Employment Checks

  • Reference Checks

  • Social Media Checks

  • Knowledge Tests

  • and more.