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How to clean Floors & Baseboards:

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Cleaning Floors / Baseboards is easy!

1. In a bucket, create a 50/40/10 solution of water, vinegar, and soap . Mix a few drops of essential oils within the mixture.


2. Inspect the baseboards and floors. Look for specific areas that need to be touched up. Have several dry microfiber cloths and 1 clean sponge handy. Submerge a single micro-fiber cloth & sponge in the solution. Ring out the cloth and begin cleaning baseboards. Dry the baseboards using a microfiber cloth.


3.  After baseboards, begin sweeping. Than move onto spot cleaning sticky gunk off of the floors. If needed, use a small amount of acetone or solution from the bucket with a wet warm sponge. This makes it easier to mop the floors. Dry mop entire floor to pick up dust.


4. Make sure your steam mop's solution tank is filled & closed. Make sure your micro-fiber mop head is clean. Make sure your mop is on the highest setting. Mop in rows. Each row should receive 1-3 straight passes (similar to mowing a lawn). Move at about 30% speed when making passes. 


5. Quality check your work before moving onto each pass. Never walk on the areas where you've made a pass. Always make sure that the entire area is completely clean before moving onto each pass. Use a sponge and solution to scrub areas that the mop isn't picking up. Dry the area. Take another pass with the steam mop.

Helpful Tips:

1. Many customers are looking for a specific shine. Let them know that if they supply us with a floor polish, we will apply it, We typically focus on cleaning/disinfecting floors.

2. Floors that havent been refinished in a while will be impossible to shine. We recommend a floor company that specializes in stripping and waxing floors. 

3. Always make sure all dust is vacuumed or wiped up before mopping, otherwise it'll be a nightmare.

4. You can use a sponge and a small amount of acetone to clean marks on floors. 

5. We typically would never use a regular mop. It leaves too much water on the surface, which can cause damage or cause slip and falls. Steam Mop dries so much faster.

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