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Equipment / Tools:

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General equipment List:

Classic Sponges:

Good for scrubbing surfaces.

Micro-fiber cloths:

Best for wiping up dust / dirt.

Short Spin Scrubber:

Best for scrubbing reachable areas.

Extension Duster:

Best for dusting larger items and higher elevations


Simple sweeping and panning.

Upright Vacuum:

Best for vacuuming carpet and rugs.

Trash Bags:

Focus on using 1 main trash bag if possible. Do not over fill.

Razor Blade:

Best for scraping gunk on glass or hard surfaces that don't scratch easy.

Duct Tape:

Multi-Use. Can use to create own equipment.

Magic Erasers:

Good for scrubbing surfaces.

Manual Grout Brush:

Best for scrubbing individual heavily soiled spots.


Used to wash down shower walls after cleaning.

Short Duster:

Best for dusting smaller items.

Dry Mr. Siga Mop:

Best for cleaning in-between tight spaces.

"Jet Pack" Vac:

Back Pack Vacuum best for vacuuming hard surfaces.

Screw Driver:

Best for squeezing into tight corners.


Best for reaching higher elevations.

Wood Shims:

Use to reach tight spaces.

Pan De-Gunker:

Best for scraping hard messes off of kitchen pots and pans.

Hommit Spin Scrubber:

Best for scrubbing shower walls.

Drain Snake:

Orange drain snake best for unclogging showers.

Bottle Cleaner:

Best for cleaning in-between tight spaces.

Steam Mop:

Best for cleaning larger surface areas without using harmful chemicals.

Paper Towels:

Only use when absolutely necessary.

Pumice Stone:

Best for scrubbing the toughest stains out of porcelain toilets.

Painters Tape:

Multi-Use, Blue Tape. 

Lint Roller:

Use to pick up lint.