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How to clean Windows / Sills:

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Cleaning Windows/Sills is easy!

1. Use a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar. Mix a few drops of essential oils within the mixture. Spread baking soda in the window sills. Spray down the window sills with solution. Wait 5 Minutes. Move onto next task.


2. Spray windows with glass cleaner. Use a razor blade to scrape off excess gunk. Use a micro-fiber cloth to thoroughly wipe down the window.


3.  Switch your focus back to window sills. Thoroughly wipe out dust and grime using a sponge and microfiber cloth. Open/close windows and follow the same sill process.


4. Quality check your work! Open and close windows. See if there's any loose gunk that will come out. Make sure glass and sills are immaculate. Focus on using or creating tools that will help you get the job done.

Helpful Tips:

1. Always use a clean and dry micro-fiber cloth. Swap out when wet.

2. Use small amount of acetone to remove random marks on glass and potentially window sill.

3. Always make sure dust is vacuumed before cleaning sills.

4. This is for interior windows only. We have a totally different process for exterior window cleaning.

5. We typically spot clean windows and focus on window sills as they trap the most dirt.

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