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Modernize the house cleaning industry:

Our vision is to modernize the house cleaning industry. build the ultimate house cleaning mobile application from A to Z. We're developing features that benefit clients, employees, and business owners. 

Current competition:

What makes us unique?

We sell products.
We wear Team Style Uniforms
We provide complimentary flowers.
We have an affiliate program.
We're creating a better quality mobile platform.
We're creating a better mobile training program.
We're creating better growth opportunities for staff.

We've discovered key vulnerabilities:

1. Lack of Training

Many companies provide less than 24 hours worth of training throughout an entire career. Some companies don't require training at all.  

2. Lack of Vetting

Many companies have a high turnover rate. Therefore, they hire anyone that can pass a background check. 

3. Lack of Creativity

Most companies provide a similar service. Current innovation is based on the cheapest price instead of the best overall experience. 

4. There is no marketing power house.

Most companies have no real marketing strategy across all forms of social media.