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How we clean Toilets!

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Cleaning a toilet is simple!

1. Start by (dry) wiping the exterior of the toilet with a microfiber cloth.


2. Dispense toilet bowl cleaner inside / under the toilet rim. Let it sit for 1 minute. Scrub interior using a toilet brush or pumice stone.


3. Spray the exterior of the toilet. Let it sit for 1 minute. Scrub entire toilet with a sponge. Thoroughly scrub behind toilet seat. Thoroughly wipe down toilet with a clean microfiber cloth.


4. Quality check your work. Inspect the toilet bowl thoroughly. There shouldn't be a single visible hair.

Helpful Tips:

1. We use yellow micro-fiber cloths while cleaning bathrooms. (Swap between tasks)

2. Mark contaminated sponges by snipping a corner.

3. Make sure you have sufficient air ventilation at all times.

4. You can use Coke-o-Cola as a toilet bowl cleaner. 

5. Use a set of chopsticks + toilet paper to clean hard to reach areas under rim.

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