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How to thoroughly Dust!

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We always start with dusting!

1. Using your extension pole, start by dusting from the highest points first. Slowly work your way down. Be thorough! If there is a large amount of dust, quickly vacuum. Than thoroughly dust.


2. Pick up any objects that will harm our vacuum. Suck up debris using your vacuum.


3. Wipe down any areas that were dusty, using a clean microfiber cloth or Mr. Siga Microfiber mop.


4. Quality check your work. Inspect the walls closely. Rub finger across walls to ensure no dust is left over. Dust until you cannot dust anymore. 

Helpful Tips:

1. We use black micro-fiber clothes while dusting the common areas. (Swap every 2-30 minutes)

2. Always dust ceiling fans before cleaning.

3. If ceiling fans are reachable, use a pillow case to catch the dust.

4. Always make sure your duster is clean, otherwise you're simply spreading dust all over the house.

5. Use a smaller dusting tool for smaller objects. Use a bigger dusting tool for bigger objects.

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