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How to clean Shower & Tubs!

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Cleaning a shower/tub is pretty much common sense.

1. Dry floors using a towel. Remove our client's personal items to prevent cross contamination.


2. Start by cleaning from the highest point in the shower. Use a step stool or ladder if needed. Make sure you wipe down any ledges or high points that can't be seen from ground level.


3. If the shower appears pretty much clean, spray, wait 30 seconds, than wipe it down. If shower appears dirty, spray, than wait 3 minutes. Use a grout tool or sponge to begin scrubbing. Use a bucket to rinse walls. Afterwards, use a squeegee to push excess water down the drain. Dry the walls using a clean towel. Stagnant water promotes mold growth.


4. Thoroughly clean interior/exterior shower glass. Thoroughly shine all hardware. Remember to change your shoe covers if needed. They might be wet from being inside the shower. 


5. Quality check your work. Inspect the walls closely. There shouldn't be a single hair after we've completed our service. Glass should be completely transparent with no visible marks.

Helpful Tips:

1. We use yellow micro-fiber cloths while cleaning bathrooms. (Swap every 2-30 minutes)

2. Mark contaminated sponges by snipping a corner.

3. Make sure you have sufficient air ventilation at all times.

4. Use a small amount of Acetone to remove random marks, excess shower sealant, and more. 

5. Use a razor blade to scrape excess gunk from shower glass and smooth tile. (Be careful) (Pay Attention)

6. Inspect faucets for hard water stains. Tie a plastic bag filled with vinegar around the faucet or shower head. Soak for 10 Minutes. Wipe it down. 

7. Apply a thin coat of shaving cream on glass or mirrors to prevent fogging. (Shouldn't be visible)

8. You can polish chrome and stainless steel with shaving cream.

9. You can clean soap scum on shower glass using non-stick cooking spray.

10. Use an orange drain snake to unclog shower drains.

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