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How to get started:

We're a residential & commercial cleaning service.

We provide the following services:

General House Cleaning

Deep House Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaning

End of lease Cleaning


What makes us Unique?

We sell products with our service.

We sell products such as flowers, candles, toilet paper, paper towels & more.

95% of the time, We go in as a TEAM.

We go in as a team for the majority of our contracts. There's a few common exceptions.

We provide a 12 hour Satisfaction Guarantee.

Which means in the rare event of a situation, we'll make it right within 12-24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are we bonded and insured?

Yes, we are 100% bonded and insured.

Do we background check our staff?

We vet our team using mandatory background checks.

Do we provide a satisfaction guarantee?

We provide a 12 hour satisfaction guarantee which means in the rare event of a situation occurring, we will fix it within 12-24 hours.