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How to clean Mirrors & Vanities:

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Cleaning mirrors / vanities is simple!

1. Remove our client's personal items to prevent cross contamination. Dry wipe starting with the highest point on the mirror. Work your way down to the vanity. Dry Wipe Vanity, Vanity Cabinets, and Counter Tops.


2. Spray down the mirror. Wipe it clean using microfiber cloths.


3. Spray down vanity using disinfectant cleaner. Wipe it clean using microfiber towels. 


4. Quality check your work. Inspect the mirrors and vanities thoroughly. There shouldn't be a single visible hair. Replace customers personal items accordingly.

Helpful Tips:

1. We use yellow micro-fiber cloths while cleaning bathrooms. (Swap between tasks)

2. Mark contaminated sponges by snipping a corner.

3. Make sure you have sufficient air ventilation at all times.

4. You can use a tooth brush to clean tight edges.

5. Make sure to clean behind the faucets thoroughly.

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