Let's start with the basics:

Uniforms are Mandatory:

Wearing your uniform helps client's identify us. You are required to wear your uniform every single day that you clean for us.

Plan on showing up at least 10 minutes early.

You're required to arrive at least 10 minutes early. This will help us avoid being late for upcoming contracts. We recommend waiting in your vehicle and approaching around 5 minutes before your scheduled service begins.

Always wear PPE before entering a site.

(Shoe covers, masks, gloves).  This helps our client feel safer. The rise of Covid-19 variants has customers on edge. We need to do our best to mitigate the risks.

Knock First, Ring Last. 

You will be rated on your professionalism. First try knocking. If no answer, ring the door bell. If still no answer, contact your manager. We'll attempt to contact the customer within 30 minutes. If no answer by 30 minute mark, we'll consider the service cancelled.

Maintain Professionalism. 

Always greet our customers! Never use profanity. Never speak negatively about a customer. Never argue with a customer. Never promise something without speaking to a manager first. Never speak about a customers wealth. Act as if you've seen better places. Every interaction should be positive and easy going. 

Unload and Place Equipment. 

After making initial contact with the client, begin unloading your equipment. Start by placing all equipment by the door. Then put your shoe covers on and bring the equipment inside. Place our equipment/chemicals in one specific area, to maintain organization.