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How to clean Cabinets & Shelves:

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Cleaning Cabinets / Shelves is easy!

1. In a bucket, create a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Mix a few drops of essential oils within the mixture.


2. Have several dry microfiber cloths and a clean sponge handy. Submerge a single micro-fiber cloth & sponge in the 50/50 solution. Ring out the cloth and hang it on the bucket. 


3. Inspect the cabinets. Look for specific areas that need to be touched up. Begin spot cleaning those areas starting from highest to lowest point. Dry off all areas that you clean using the solution.


4. Quality check your work. Inspect cabinets thoroughly. There shouldn't be a single visible fingerprint.

Helpful Tips:

1. We use black micro-fiber cloths while cleaning cabinets. (Swap between tasks)

2. Mark contaminated sponges by snipping a corner.

3. Make sure you have sufficient air ventilation at all times.

4. You can use a sponge to clean harder messes. Do not use to much pressure.

5. Use a 50% Dish Soap / 50% Warm Water solution to degrease cabinets.

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