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Home Team Mobile Application Overview:


The Business Model:

Uber's business model is called a "Platform Business Model". A PBM focuses on connecting paying customers to vetted contractors. Here's a list of our main PBM competitors: Handy, TaskRabbit, ThumbTack, and Tidy App. Please take the time to thoroughly review our competitors mobile application.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to develop an PBM. We've created dozens of strategies to compete with our competitors. That being said, we won't over-complicate things. We'll start with the basics of how we want our app to look aesthetically and than move onto functionality. 



Download and Use Nike's mobile application as an official template for the aesthetics within our App. While designing this portion of the app, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

A Shortened list of the Desired Functionality within our PBM:

We’ll have 4 portals within our mobile application:

  • Consumer Portal

    • Discover page 

      • Showcases new content that is uploaded by administrators

    • “My Residences” Page

      • Ability to book services and manage multiple home addresses.

      • Ability to add pictures/video content and choose a color theme for each individual residence.

      • Ability to add and manage products at multiple home addresses.

      • Ability to leave special notes for cleaners at multiple home addresses.

      • Ability to leave a tip for cleaners at multiple home addresses.

      • Ability to leave a review for cleaners at multiple home addresses.

    • “Shop” Page

      • Ability to book services for multiple home addresses.

      • Ability to add products to multiple home addresses.

      • Ability to special request a product from a particular location.

    • “Contact” Page

      • Ability to chat with customer support via text.

      • Ability to schedule a call back.

      • Ability to emergency contact a cleaner.

    • “Membership” Page

      • Ability to view and manage rewards points.

      • Ability for customers to earn cash for inviting new paying customers.


  • Management Portal

    • Ability to assign cleaners to jobs.

    • Ability to assign fill-ins, should someone not be able to make it.

    • Ability to reschedule jobs.

    • Ability to assign cleaners a new virtual training course.

    • Ability to deactivate staff members for misconduct.

    • Ability to deactivate customers for misconduct.

    • Ability to request a refund for angry customers.

    • Ability to customize the following visible information within the cleaner portal:

      • Upcoming Jobs/Tasks

      • Emergency Updates

      • Upcoming Training Courses

      • My Reputation

      • Growth Opportunities

      • Uniform Requirements


  • Cleaner Portal

    • Ability to add/remove equipment.

    • Ability to order cleaning supplies directly through us.

    • Ability to manage jobs.

    • Ability to view pay information.

    • Ability to view their “Reputation” statistics. 

    • Ability to reschedule a job.

    • Ability to manage their schedule.

    • Ability to view growth opportunities.

    • Ability to request to leave a comment for customers.

    • Ability to request time off.

    • Ability to request a new uniform.

    • Ability to request a new location.

    • Ability to file an anonymous complaint

    • Ability to file a claim

  • Admin Portal

    • Can manage the entire app, including content, schedules, pay, access, and every other feature that managers, staff, and customers have access to.

    • Can view and access sales analytics.

    • Can view and access misc. analytics

    • Can shut down the entire app if need be.

Developing the features above would allow us to launch a high quality mobile application. We have additional ideas for functionality and aesthetics, which will come over time. Feel free to use our website as a point of reference if you need more information about what we do.