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Residential Services

We change the lives of our customers by providing reliable services with word class innovations. We are the first service company in the nation that offers home integrity features!

Car Detailing
Home Integrity

If you have questions, want to schedule a service, or are inquiring about making a donation, Call 310-776-1394

Covid 19

The Battle Against All Pathogens

In direct response to the world's pandemic crisis, we've taken the following steps to make our customers feel safer.

  1. All Staff will wear a mask throughout the entire duration of each cleaning.

  2. All staff will wear shoe covers when possible throughout the during of each cleaning.

  3. All of our staff are instructed to change their gloves at least 3 times within each service, preventing cross contamination.

  4. All of our Staff are required to take temperature test before entering each individual residence.

  5. We use hospital grade disinfectants fighting against: (Covid-19) (CA-MRSA, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, VISA, and VRE), (including HIV-1, HBV, HCV, and Influenza A2/Hong Kong).

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Residential Sanitation

Revolutionizing Sanitation for Everyone.

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