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Black Owned Cleaning Business

About our Founder

Home Team was founded by Jonis Allen in 2020. Jonis is one of the youngest and most respected veterans in the cleaning industry. As CEO, Jonis is the visionary behind Home Team, setting the strategic direction of the organization while supporting the company’s mission of people, performance, & passion. Jonis is actively involved in every part of Home Teams operations and is responsible for fostering company-wide goals and growth initiatives. Jonis is a passionate leader who has spent his 20's building successful teams and organizations. Jonis Allen puts people-first & his compassionate approach to leadership focuses on creating a cohesive, inclusive culture that drives results. We currently serve high end Air bnb's located within Southern California. Jonis has created a team capable of handling over 250 air bnb cleanings each month. We look forward to new partnerships with property management and real estate companies around Southern California.


Team Members




Linen Destruction

In most cases, we use Eco-Logo Certified Green cleaning products for all purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, hospital grade disinfectants and more. Customers may provide special cleaning products for our team.

We prefer to send one cleaner for most jobs. The more cleaners onsite = the more jobs that need to be completed for the day to be worth it. Doing 2-3 jobs in one day increases stress on our timeline and prevents us from spending as much time needed to get the job done right. We typically won't send more than one cleaner unless there is ample space within the budget for us to remain profitable.

For Home Owners, we require a weekly or bi-weekly commitment, which will be scheduled on the same 2 days every month (Unless it falls on a holiday. For Air Bnb's, access to our seasonal linens require a minimum of two cleanings each month despite a lack of bookings. 

You may text our General Manager (310-776-1394) for all major issues that cannot be solved by your designated house cleaner. You can contact your designated house cleaner for simple questions, comments or concerns.

For Home Owners, we require payment on-site post service completion. For Air Bnb's we require payment on the 12th and 27th of every month. Failure to provide payment in ample time may result in a financial claim & cancellation of services. ANY CUSTOMERS THAT RECEIVE LINENS MUST PAY FOR SERVICES 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE AND HAVE A CREDIT CARD ON FILE.

Customers will be sent an invoice for any destroyed linens. This invoice will automatically process within 72 hours.

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